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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shop Ocala Kohls they really do care!

For the second year in a row I am sharing the message "Spend those holiday dollars at the Ocala Kohls"!  Why spend at Kohl's?  Why the Ocala Kohl's specifically?  Well I am sure many of you have seen a Facebook page, entered a contest for your child's school or seen the $5 books Kohl's has positioned near the checkout, all sporting the "Kohl's Cares" logo.  Well I am so happy that as a corporation Kohl's supports various charities and has contests for non profit organizations and such but I want you to know that our Kohl's and it's employees really care about Ocala and "Ocalians".

Just about this time last year a local mom's group, that I am a part of, had the privilege to partner with HOPE ministries to reach out to a group of 12 single moms.   The leaders of both of these groups began with a dream to do something special for these moms who were trying to get back on their feet.  We wanted them to experience practical evidence of God's love for them and their children so they would know that they had not been forgotten.  The plans for the day ranged from new clothes for mom, gifts for their children, lunch, salon treatments and a special banquet dinner.  This was made possible by private donations as well as the generosity of a handful of local Ocala businesses but for today I would like to share with you the part Kohl's had in our day.

Kohl's was the first stop of the day. Prior to, organizers of the event had shared with the management at Kohl's our dream and the mom's arrived at the door armed with coupons and Kohl's cash to stretch their shopping dollars.  To the surprise and delight of these 12 ladies, smartly dressed Kohl's managers and staff in coats and ties met them at the door.  We immediately noticed they had created a "red carpet" walkway into the store with various red rugs from the housewares department. Like royalty each lady was offered an arm and escorted down the walkway.  This small gesture put a smile on each mom's face and gave their confidence an immediate boost.

The focus of our Kohl's visit was the moms so the  ladies dressing room and the nearby sale racks became a busy place.  Not only did each lady have a dressing room reserved with their name on the door (how sweet was that), but a team of Kohl's employees remained in the dressing room area with scanner guns at the ready.  They not only scanned items to determine the correct sale price but also help us tally totals, and run for different sizes.  The courteous staff made the moms feel special and those of us working the event very welcome.  After a speedy checkout of 12 moms we went about our day to other various businesses but Kohl's was not done "Caring" and this is where the "rubber meets the road" folks.  At the end of their work shift, on a busy shopping day before Christmas, five local Kohl's employees helped in yet another way by donating their time to serve dinner and help care for the children of the HOPE moms and workers who were escorting them for the day.  So in a nutshell folks, "Ocalimom" thinks our local Kohl's ROCKS!  They truly put their corporate mantra on giving into action on the local level and the management and staff deserve whatever perks super holiday sales bring them.  So shop Kohl's Ocalians.

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  1. What a great story! I know the ladies felt so very special with that kind of a start to their day.