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Monday, October 25, 2010

My heart belongs to Sonic!

And no it is not just because their yummy flavored sodas and slushes are half off from 2-4pm every afternoon.  Although I must say their totally "crunch-able" ice called to me like a siren throughout all three of my ice craving pregnancies. But we digress, there is a deeper...more "the people of Ocala Rock" kinda of reason for my enduring fondness!

I will give you a clue, have you noticed, as you have driven by many of our local schools a large Sonic banner fluttering in the wind?  If you haven't you must not be looking, I guarantee you they are there.  Do you know why?  Because the owner of our local Sonic CARES about schools and students and rewarding children for a job well done! Despite being a very busy man this business owner is stepping up to the plate and making our community better. Anything done (no matter how small) to improve our schools and enhance the learning experience will nurture healthier children, who grow into good citizens and future Marion County leaders.

So the next time you need an afternoon pick me up hit Sonic for their happy hour they're an Ocala business who is helping make Ocala Rock!

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  1. ...and they also have my favorite hot fudge sundae.